11 RV Camping Hacks (RV Hacks 2024)

The best RV camping hacks are all about finding ingenious ways around common problems in campgrounds, RV parks, or when boondocking.

We’ve tried to provide some useful RV camping hacks, upgrades, and general tips to please everyone.

The idea with RV camping hacks is that it makes life easier, more fun, or less problematic than it would otherwise be.

At a time when local stores might be closed and a Walmart Superstore is too far away, using some RV hacks helps to be happiest at home. That way, you’re set up for a comfortable life.

Clever hacks abound in the RV world. It’s a question of picking the ones that will be most suitable for you and is a happy upgrade, hack, or tip that works.

Let’s dive in.

1. Cheap Spice Containers

If you have little space for your spices and struggle to find a lightweight container for them, try old Tic Tac boxes as a great RV hack while camping.

They’re tall, deep, and have lids that are quick to open.

Get just enough Saffron, Chili, or mixed herbs to flavor your food. Add a label on the outside, so you’re not struggling to see what’s inside each container.

Best of all, you’re not worried about containers made from porcelain breaking when slowing down suddenly and bottles will go flying everywhere.

2. Turning a Sticking Grill into a Non-Stick Version

Instead of needing to replace the sticking grill plate for a non-stick version, try rubbing a peeled onion over its surface.

It can do wonders for the meats or vegetables that you add to the grill after that. It works surprisingly well and once you are set up, grill up the onions too.

3. Ant Prevention Tactic

What do you do when there’s a whole army of ants going for a walk and they’re seemingly everywhere?

Trying to move them in another direction doesn’t work because they scatter in all directions making it worse!

A great ant prevention tactic is to sprinkle copious amounts of baby powder over the ants and the direction of their travel.

Because they breathe through their skin, the powder clogs it up and stops them in their tracks.

If this isn’t humane enough for you, then try small amounts of water to encourage them to float away.

Using a little water and a broom can be effective to sweep them up.

4. Invest in a Cast-iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is a convenient RV kitchen cooking tool to bring into your RV, camper van, camper, or trailer.

It doesn’t require much space, can be wiped down and dried quickly after use, and is highly versatile too.

Not only can it cook the main meal, but it can nicely brown a mean chocolate brownie too.

Try the delicious Betty Crocker Ultimate Brownies recipe here.

5. Avoid Tripping Hazards

Tripping hazards are a major issue in an RV. There are already space restrictions, so it pays to be careful.

Using a cable tidy wrap [affiliate link] to keep your cabling together avoids it snaking around or working loose.

There are other tidies to use for your PC or laptop cables, audio/video equipment cables, and the like.

6. Towels Never Drying Fast Enough?

If your laundry is troubling you and the towels never seem to get dry quickly, then we have great camping hacks and tricks you can use.

A Microfiber towel [affiliate link] that’s large enough to be used as a bath towel dries in record time.

Compared to a heavy toweling material that can remain wet for half a day or more, these towels dry fast!

Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels. Gold Color – Pack of 6 (16 x 24 inches)

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ⓘ If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Ideal for the RV or camper van, they can be put in a backpack to go hiking for the day too.

If you get hot in the midday sun, having a fast-drying towel means you can dry off and your backpack won’t smell when you get back either.

7. Keep Moisture at Bay

Camping RV Hacks

Dealing with condensation and moisture inside an RV or camper is a constant battle.

Whether in the morning in grassy locations, or from the last time a meal was cooked, moisture is generated and it’s difficult to vent it out.

It’s important to rid your recreation vehicle of moisture because of the risk of damp or mold developing if you fail to do so.

Use these Dry & Dry Silica Packets [affiliate link] to handle tough little spots that don’t get enough warmth or ventilation. It’s a desiccant that acts as a mini dehumidifier in the corners. Packets can be strategically placed wherever they’re needed.

Dry & Dry 50 Gram [20 Packs] Silica Gel Desiccant

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ⓘ If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

8. Put a Floor Mat Outside Your Door

As a camping RV, it’s important to realize that walking around campgrounds is bound to trek in plenty of grass, dirt, mud, twigs, leaves, and other messy bits.

By putting an outdoor floor mat [affiliate link] outside your door, it will remind you to either wipe your feet before walking in or to take your shoes off and climb up the steps to your RV in your socks or bare feet instead.

Trust us – it’ll make cleaning up the floor a much quicker job this way and is a great camping RV hack.

9. Use the Shower for Hanging Clothes

When your shower has been all dried out and there’s no moisture present, then another great hack to maximum space is to hang a suspension rod overhead.

From there, clothes can be hung up which frees up some much-needed space in the existing closets.

Also, try Command hooks on the inside doors of wardrobes or closets to expand the hanging space.

10. Stop the Rug Sliding Out from Under Your Feet

Adding a rug to your motorhome provides a lovely, homely feel. The only issue is that they can tend to slip underfoot and could lead to an accident.

Try these non-slip rug grippers [affiliate link] that attach to all four corners of your rug to ensure it won’t slip around any longer.

Ideal for active dogs, cats that love to jump down from a height, or small kids racing around inside the RV.

11. Up Your Internet Game

A decent RV upgrade is to ensure you have internet connectivity in whatever corner of the campground you choose to spend the night. There are two main approaches to this:

  1. A 4G LTE rooftop omnidirectional antenna [affiliate link] connected to a 4G LTE home router or Mi-Fi device will provide a stronger signal strength compared to what you can get inside your RV or camper van. Because of all the metal in your RV, it acts to dampen the signal. By putting an antenna outside, a two-bar signal often becomes a four-bar one with faster upload and download speeds too.
  2. A Wi-Fi signal booster [affiliate link] works inside your RV to repeat the signal throughout your home on wheels. While this type of technology product won’t increase the speed that’s achieved by the 4G router or Mi-Fi device, it does ensure little speed is sacrificed due to signal loss.

Alternatively, try a weBoost cell signal booster [affiliate link] instead.

weBoost Drive X RV (471410) Cell Phone Signal Booster

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ⓘ If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Once you’ve implemented these 11 RV camping hacks, RV living will be so much easier from now on.

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