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What Does Dry Weight Mean on a Camper? (GVWR, UVW & Tow Capacity)

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There are various weight measurements and towing capacities relevant for campers and trailers. It’s beneficial for truck owners to understand what the dry weight means on a camper. However, it’s just one of several useful weights and metrics that are relevant for truck owners, and people in the market for a new or used camper

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RV Solar Basics

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Motorhomes come with built-in electrical systems in most cases. Campers, trailers, and other RV towable can either be charged while being towed by a truck or be plugged into campground hookups or shore power. Some RVers like to have solar power using solar panels to produce an additional source of electricity. Installation of a solar

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What is a Gaucho Bed?

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Depending on the size of your RV, campervan, or towable, space is always at a premium. Unless you have an expansive home on wheels, you’ll start looking for space savers almost immediately. This is where an RV gaucho bed comes in. What is a Gaucho bed? In short, it’s designed to pull out from a

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