How to Open RV Emergency Window from Outside?

While asking how to open RV emergency window from outside is useful, let’s back up a little bit.

Why are you asking this? No doubt because you’re currently locked out of your RV!

So, while we will certainly provide some useful advice on how to open an RV emergency window from the outside of your recreational vehicle, fifth wheel, or camper trailer, know that there are several other possible ways to resolve this when locked out.

Therefore, for completeness, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of all the ways you can attempt to regain access to your RV.

That way, even if you’re unsuccessful at getting back into your home through the RV emergency window, you’ll know what else to try.

Does that sound like a plan? Okay… Let’s get started.

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How to Open RV Emergency Window from the Outside?

Most modern and even older models of RVs, fifth wheels, and towable like a camper or travel trailer come with an RV emergency window fitted.

It’s usually positioned at the back. Some even have multiple ones, especially if it’s a larger towable like a fifth wheel or a Class A, B, or C RV self-powered RV.

RV Emergency Exit Window Fell Off

While you might be concerned about opening the RV emergency window in case it falls off its hinges, this is rarely the case.

Why is this? Because emergency windows are fitted with either a flip-type hinge design or a window slide mechanism.

Due to this design, the window either opens out and up rotating at a 90-degrees angle upwards, or the windowpane may slide across (less likely) to reveal an opening.

Neither of the above scenarios when considering how to open a window from the outside suggests the RV emergency window will just fall out.

Nevertheless, some RVers think it will! But it’s more indicative of a faulty window or a decayed window frame; it’s certainly not part of the emergency window feature for most RVs because broken window glass on the ground only creates a new danger for your feet!

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How to Open RV Windows?

With an older RV emergency window, you’ll need a Phillips Head screwdriver. If asking how to open camper windows or how to open a trailer window from the outside, then the process is much the same.

Obviously, only do this either if you own the recreational vehicle, or you’ve been asked by a friend because they’ve locked themselves out of theirs!

The screwdriver is used to lever the window until it pops open. However, a seal is made between the window and the interior frame often using a rubber strip.

The rubber strip can become stuck from the summer heat or cold weather and refuse to budge!

If you were on the inside, then using a reliable silicone spray (affiliate link) all around the inside lip would help ease this problem, but that likely won’t help from the outside.

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Bear in mind that if you’re going to try this, it will leave scratches on the window frame, its surrounding area, and possibly the window itself when accessing the RV’s emergency window in this way.

It’s usually not advisable and risks damaging your home on wheels.

Again, if you’re helping out a friend who’s gotten locked out, warn them about the likelihood of window frame scratches.

That way, they won’t blame you afterward and they have the choice of whether to call a locksmith instead.

We now cover other approaches that you can take besides trying to crudely open your RV, camper, or travel trailer emergency exit window manually.

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Don’t Overlook Checking All Other Windows and Doors

Often overlooked is the possibility that a door or window has been left ajar without even meaning to do so.

If you’re living alone in your RV or camper, then your diligence to re-check everything before exiting may mean they’re all locked uptight.

However, if you have a partner with their mind elsewhere or kids who love to open doors or windows and not remember to close them, then you might just get lucky here.

The best option is to find an open window. You may need to borrow a ladder from a friend or RV neighbor to get high enough to gingerly climb through though.

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RV Deadbolt Stuck or Other RV Door Lock Issues?

If the RV deadbolt is stuck in position, then that’s a different kind of problem. Indeed, the deadbolt can become stuck in the locked position even when you’re armed with your set of RV or camper keys.

What should you do about it?

We’d suggest using a bottle of WD-40 (affiliate link) to provide lubrication to the stuck lock.

Adding enough to get the locking mechanism moving again often does the trick. Add a little at first and try the lock but don’t force it.

If that isn’t enough, add more and repeatedly test to see if it’s helping the lock to loosen up or not.

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May you have other RV door lock issues? Possibly, the lock has become faulty or broken internally. In that situation, you’ll need a different kind of remedy.

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Remove and Replace the RV Lock

How to Open RV Emergency Window from Outside

If the RV is rented, then contact the RV rental company to alert them to your problem. They will have a spare key and can solve the problem.

This is desirable instead of going through the inconvenience and expense of removing and replacing the lock (or calling a mobile locksmith).

When the RV, camper, or trailer is yours, then it’s up to you whether to attempt to remove the lock.

Bear in mind that you should have a replacement RV lock ready to install, otherwise, you’ll make your RV insecure after the lock is removed and won’t have a ready replacement to resecure it.

Various tools will be required to physically remove the existing lock. It’s quite likely that your tools are secured inside the RV and inaccessible at this time.

In this case, you’ll need a mobile locksmith to attend the RV to do it for you.

That’s assuming you don’t have a spare key hidden somewhere or a CH751 RV master key (affiliate link).

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Get a Locksmith Who Works with RVs

Get in touch with a locksmith to come to your location to help gain access to the RV, remove the existing lock, and fit a replacement RV door lock or camper door lock.

Ensure that you get someone who has prior experience with the locks and locking mechanisms of RVs, trailers, or campers because they’re a little different from a house lock.

Someone with experience in this area who has positive Google reviews is worth considering when running a Google search for a “24-hour locksmith near me.”

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Closing Thoughts

Most RV emergency windows open from the inside, not the outside.

It’s better to anticipate that you’ll eventually get locked out due to forgetfulness, not having a spare set of keys somewhere, or due to a faulty door lock mechanism.

While you could try to get in through the RV emergency window, it’s better to use one of the other suggestions above to avoid damaging your recreational vehicle.

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